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Please review our Frequently Asked Questions section below prior to submitting your message. Messages containing profanities will be automatically deleted. Spam protection provided by Google reCAPTCHA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our Local Groups page. Most groups with a website will have a contact form or email address listed there. If not, you can send the group a direct message on social media.

All Climate Strike Canada members are affiliated with a Local Group. To find the group closest to you, visit our Local Groups page. If there is not a group in your area and you are a student looking to create one, please reach out using our contact form. If you are an adult, you can look into groups such as For Our Kids and 350.

Please view our Resources page for information and actions related to climate justice.

If you have questions around an action in a particular city, please see "How can I contact a CSC local groups?" If you are from a national or international media organization, please use the contact form above. In your message, please include your deadline. Note that responses may come from one of our member's personal email addresses.

Climate Strike Canada is not a registered entity and cannot directly accept donations. Many of our visit our local groups accept donations to fund expenses like art supplies and banners. You can find their contact information on our Local Groups page. Donations to fund our national technology infrastructure can be made through Sustainabiliteens.

We utilize encryption, access controls and two-factor authentication to ensure that your data remains secure. We only use personal information you provide for the initial purpose it was given, as outlined in our Privacy Privacy. As an individual or a parent/guardian of a child, you may withdraw your consent at any time using our Data Request form.

We profoundly appreciate all efforts to find solutions to the climate crisis. Climate Strike Canada does not have the capacity or the experience to evaluate solutions. If you have a solution, we therefore urge you to send your contribution to those who do, so that it can be put to use. Those contacts could include university researchers or government agencies.

Please contact Banking on a Better Future. You can reach them by email at

Please contact Divest Canada. You can reach them by email at

We comment alongside other environmental organizations through Climate Action Network Canada. Please read through their News Releases section.

Climate Strike Canada is the youth-run Fridays For Future group in Canada. We are the voting member for on international strike dates and messaging. That said, CSC's organizational views are formed by our members and may not match international messaging. There are no legal ties between the organizations. Most Fridays For Future groups in Canada are CSC local groups, such as Toronto and Calgary, but participating in national organizing through CSC is not a requirement to form a FFF group.

La coalition étudiante pour un virage environnemental et social (CEVES) is the main organization that holds climate strikes in Quebec. You can reach them by email at CSC has a presence in Quebec through Divest McGill, a Divest Canada university group.