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Past Global Days of Action

Friday, March 15th

160 000 students from kindergarten to university took to the streets alongside an estimated 1.4 million students worldwide. In Quebec, 120 student associations voted to go on strike, and Montreal hosted the largest climate strike in the world. Climate Strike Canada was founded by a coalition of the school strikers in Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec and quickly expanded to Manitoba, Nova Scotia, the Northwest Territories, Alberta.

Friday, May 3rd

Climate Strike Canada organized its first nationally-driven climate strike. Students in over 100 communities and cities across the country went on strike, supporting our seven demands for federal party leaders. In Ottawa, Prime Minister Trudeau held a Youth Summit, and CSC organized a die-in to address the Prime Minister about his inaction on the climate crisis.

Friday, September 27th

Climate Strike Canada and local organizers turned out over 1 million people on the streets. It was the largest ever act of civil disobedience in Canadian history. And it will only continue.